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Experience Calculators are Here!

As a courtesy to registrants gaining hours towards their MFT and LCSW licenses, the Board provides experience calculators. The calculators use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to provide the user with helpful information relating to the accumulation of hours. Since the programs use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the user will need Microsoft Excel or a compatible software application to use the calculators.

The MFT Experience Calculator is outdated and does not incorporate the 2012 statutory changes to the experience requirements. The Board does not have the resources at this time to revise the calculator. In order to ensure that the information provided is current and accurate, the MFT Experience Calculator has been removed from the Board’s website.

Please read the accompanying instructions completely for completing the LCSW Experience Calculator. You do not need proficiency in Excel to use the calculators.

The Board hopes you find this resource useful on your path towards licensure. Remember, this is only a resource and not a new requirement.

Please send all questions about using the calculators via email to