Application Processing

Prior to mailing any application (registration application, examination application, license renewal, etc.) to the Board, we strongly encourage all individuals to review their application and verify the application is complete and includes all required forms and appropriate fees. A completed application provides the best opportunity to avoid delays in approving the applicant for the licensure examination and any lapses in licensure that may affect licensees' current employment. The Board cannot expedite applications except when allowed by law. Currently, only military veterans and spouses/domestic partners of active duty members can request an expedite by using the following forms:

The Board recently transitioned to a new database system. The "BreEZe" database system includes the ability for submitting various applications online, which we will be implementing in a staggered basis. To see the implementation timeline, check out our "Pathway to Breeze" information!

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this time. For the week of November 23, 2015 staff is working on applications received during the week(s) noted below.

Application Date *
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Registration Application November 6, 2015
Associate Social Worker Registration Application November 6, 2015
Professional Clinical Counselor Intern Registration Application October 9, 2015
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Examination Eligibility Applications September 11, 2015
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Examination Eligibility Applications October 27, 2015
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Examination Eligibility Applications October 9, 2015
Licensed Educational Psychologist Examination Eligibility Applications November 16, 2015

* Processing times are dependent upon the number of vacancies within the specific unit and the volume of applications received.

Stay Informed of Important Law Changes

The BBS provides a number of resources in its Forms and Publications section to assist you in understanding licensing requirements, including student handbooks, guides to supervision, and answers to most frequently asked questions. An excellent resource for staying informed of changes to BBS licensing requirements is the BBS Email Subscriber list. Consider signing up to stay informed!

Email questions to BBSWebMaster@dca.ca.gov