LCSW Licensure Walk Through - Qualifying Degree and ASW Registration

Qualifying Degree

Obtaining a Masters of Social Work (MSW) is your first step towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California. In order for a MSW degree to be accepted by the Board, the degree must be earned at an accredited school of social work.

ASW Registration

Before you can begin counting hours of experience towards licensure, you must have an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) registration number with the Board. You cannot count any supervised experience towards licensure until the Board issues you this number.

The process of applying as an Associate Clinical Social Worker is not difficult. Be sure to read the instructions contained in the application before mailing it.

Your complete ASW application package shall include the following:

  • One page application
  • $75 fee
  • A copy of official transcripts in the school's sealed envelope (make sure the school posted the degree conferral date)
  • A completed Live Scan sheet (applicant retains one copy for personal records)

Renewing Your ASW Registration

Always renew your ASW registration number on time. You should send your renewal fee at least six weeks in advance of the expiration date. You cannot accumulate hours if you work under an expired ASW registration. If you do not receive a courtesy renewal form, you can download a Manual Registration Renewal Application from the Forms and Publications section of this website.