Approved Schools with MFT Degree Programs

Notice to All California residents

If you are enrolled in or considering an online degree program that is based in another state, please be aware that your degree will be evaluated in accordance with California in-state degree requirements. Please contact your school to ensure that the program integrates the California-specific content required of California residents. This coursework must be integrated into the program and cannot be remediated post-degree. Therefore, it is imperative that the California-specific requirements are included in the degree program.

For California licensing purposes:

Approved schools are those institutions that are approved by the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education. For more information, see and BPPE Update.

The list below identifies those California schools with approved MFT programs. The "Additional Courses Required" information is based on information provided to BBS by the schools. Since schools occasionally change program curriculum and course descriptions, the information below may not reflect these changes. Please contact the school directly for the most current list of additional coursework required.

The "Additional Courses Required" documents provide a list of courses offered by the school that fulfill pre-licensure education and training requirements. The majority of California schools offer these courses as part of their MFT degree program. If your degree program does not include any of the pre-licensure requirements, then refer to the lists below.

If you have an out-of-state degree lacking the required California coursework, refer to the lists below for California schools that offer these courses.

If your degree program meets the education requirements under Business and Professions Code section 4980.36, then the "Additional Courses Required" documents do not apply to you.