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MFT Licensure Walk Through - Applying for Your MFT Intern Registration

Applying for Your MFT Intern Registration

Graduating with your qualifying degree means you are ready for the next major step on your path towards Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) licensure: applying for a MFT Intern registration number.

The application process is simple. First, you need to obtain a MFT Intern Registration Application package

Your complete MFT Intern registration application package shall include:

  • MFT Intern application (1 page)
  • Official sealed transcripts documenting your possession of a qualifying degree
  • Program certification form completed by your school
  • Live Scan receipt (retain one copy for your records)
  • $75 fee

The 90 Day Window

If you apply for a MFT Intern registration number within 90 days from your qualifying degree's conferral date, you can count the hours you accrue in between your graduation date and the issue date of your Intern registration number. The Board honors the postmark date when checking whether or not an applicant met the 90 day window.

Example: The school conferred Mark's qualifying degree on 5/16/2006. Mark applied to be a MFT Intern on 6/30/2006. He got his application in within 90 days; thus, he may count the hours he gained between the degree conferral date and the date of Intern registration.

IMPORTANT: You cannot begin working in a private practice setting until you actually receive a MFT Intern registration number.

Application Processing Times

The Board asks applicants to wait 60 days after submitting the MFT Intern registration before calling for a status check. The Intern evaluator processes all applications in the order received. The Board CANNOT expedite applications for registration.