Enforcement Actions

California Business and Professions code §4990.16 states “Protection of the public shall be the highest priority for the board in exercising its licensing, regulatory, and disciplinary functions. Whenever the protection of the public is inconsistent with other interests sought to be promoted, the protection of the public shall be paramount.”

To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record, and the most recent list is published on this page. Additionally, consumers may find it helpful to review the information for obtaining copies of Enforcement Actions, Documents or Publications or Consumer Complaint Information.


To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record. Consumers may view pending and prior enforcement actions by looking up a licensee or registrant on the Board’s license verification page.

Enforcement Actions - October 2016


  • Kezzia Jane Bullen, LCSW 29548
  • Heidi Hobart, LPCC 936
  • Jayne Erin Smith, LPCC 495
  • Laurel Lynn Woodard, LMFT 31422


  • Andrew Raymond Ross, LMFT 42079


  • Connie Lynn Bowin, LMFT 40727
  • Paul Foster Brock, LCSW 28626
  • Warren Steven Dodson Sr., IMF 80634
  • Troy Lawrence Ellerman, IMF 95765
  • Karen Toribio Floro, IMF 96271
  • Miriam Gonzalez, IMF 78696
  • Patrick Adam Hagler, IMF 70232
  • Jennifer Michelle LaBlanc, IMF 67482
  • Rachel Ko Lee, LMFT 47836
  • Edana Eugena S. Magee, ASW 74184
  • Elizabeth R. Maloney, LEP 2528
  • Joseph Jesus Palau, IMF 70422
  • Sasha Reid, ASW 35224
  • Bruce Edward Somers, LMFT 8886
  • Leonard Green Van Nostrand, LMFT 37919
  • Matthew D. Woodbury, LCSW 19901

Glossary of Terms related to Enforcement Actions

Citation: An Administrative action, usually including a fine, for violations of the statutes and regulations enforced by the Board.

Accusation: A written statement of charges which shall set forth in ordinary and concise language the acts or omissions with which the respondent is charged, to the end that the respondent will be able to prepare his defense.

Revocation, or revoked: The license or registration is revoked as a result of enforcement action rendered by the Board. No practice is permitted.

Suspension: The licensee or registrant is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.

Stayed: The revocation or suspension is postponed, and the licensee or registrant is put on probation.

Probation: The licensee or registrant may continue to practice under specific terms and conditions.

Voluntary Surrender / Surrender of License: The licensee or registrant turns in the license or registration while charges are still pending. The right to practice is ended.

Public Reprimand: The licensee or registrant is issued a letter of reprimand resulting from an enforcement action or pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 495.

Effective Decision Date: The date the enforcement action goes into operation.

Writ of Mandate: The licensee or registrant has appealed the Board's Decision to the Superior Court.

Stay: The Board or Court has ordered the Board's Decision to not be enforced pending further action.