Enforcement Actions

California Business and Professions code §4990.16 states “Protection of the public shall be the highest priority for the board in exercising its licensing, regulatory, and disciplinary functions. Whenever the protection of the public is inconsistent with other interests sought to be promoted, the protection of the public shall be paramount.”

To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record, and the most recent list is published on this page. Additionally, consumers may find it helpful to review the information for obtaining copies of Enforcement Actions, Documents or Publications or Consumer Complaint Information.


To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record. Consumers may view pending and prior enforcement actions by looking up a licensee or registrant on the Board’s license verification page.

Enforcement Actions - March 2016


  • Bonnie H. Charton, LCSW 20278
  • Gary Lee Fortenberry, LMFT 35841
  • Gary Bruce Golden, LMFT 7690
  • Karen Warren Hurley, LMFT 21517
  • Caitlin Hayden Malley, IMF 70686
  • Amy M. Margolis, ASW 29294
  • Kristen Lyn Mayberry, LCSW 23665
  • Patricia McCarthy, LMFT 13419
  • Kristen Janine Miller, IMF 79970
  • John Lumiere Wins, IMF 67798


  • Lindsay Anne Clifton, IMF 64800
  • Aida Idalia Delgadillo, IMF 80690
  • Martha Mason Drummond, LCSW 13023
  • Linda Lea Goff, LMFT 17831
  • Elizabeth Rose Maloney, LEP 2528
  • Damian R. Ochoa, ASW 32445
  • Laura Elizabeth Perez, IMF 66611
  • Scott David Songer, IMF 66700


  • Yasaman Malih Abbasov, IMF 82120
  • Lisa Fanchette Allen, LMFT 32737
  • Cheryl Jean Chase, LMFT 24843
  • Jacqueline Louise Clingman aka J L Clingman, LCSW 17782
  • Kathryn Deborah Deal, LMFT 32874
  • Sharon Jane Eno, LCSW 8242
  • James William Gilbert, IMF 92260 and PCCI 2798
  • Eduardo Guerrero Hernandez, ASW 29475
  • Martin Lopez Jr., ASW 70809
  • Kara V. Miller, LMFT 40210
  • Joseph Gary Lee Neves, IMF 92259
  • Dante Paloma Sanchez, LCSW 20410
  • Ana Valeria San Juan, IMF 92258

Glossary of Terms related to Enforcement Actions

Citation: An Administrative action, usually including a fine, for violations of the statutes and regulations enforced by the Board.

Accusation: A written statement of charges which shall set forth in ordinary and concise language the acts or omissions with which the respondent is charged, to the end that the respondent will be able to prepare his defense.

Revocation, or revoked: The license or registration is revoked as a result of enforcement action rendered by the Board. No practice is permitted.

Suspension: The licensee or registrant is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.

Stayed: The revocation or suspension is postponed, and the licensee or registrant is put on probation.

Probation: The licensee or registrant may continue to practice under specific terms and conditions.

Voluntary Surrender / Surrender of License: The licensee or registrant turns in the license or registration while charges are still pending. The right to practice is ended.

Public Reprimand: The licensee or registrant is issued a letter of reprimand resulting from an enforcement action or pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 495.

Effective Decision Date: The date the enforcement action goes into operation.

Writ of Mandate: The licensee or registrant has appealed the Board's Decision to the Superior Court.

Stay: The Board or Court has ordered the Board's Decision to not be enforced pending further action.