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Enforcement Documents and Publications

Copies of the following documents and publications are available by contacting the Board office.

  1. The Board's "Laws and Regulations" booklet.
  2. Accusations or final decisions in disciplinary cases.
  3. The booklet "Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex".

Effective January 1, 1988, therapists who are told by a client of sexual involvement with another therapist are required by law to give that client a brochure that explains the procedure for filing a complaint with the Board. Serious complaints, such as sexual misconduct, require a firsthand complainant, therefore, the therapist should support and encourage the client to make the complaint. As always, maintaining client confidentiality is paramount. It is not possible for a therapist to make a report using a client's name unless the client has given written authorization.

Copies of Public Documents

The Board can provide copies of public records in accordance with the Information Practices Act or California Public Records Act.

Copies of enforcement investigative reports cannot be released. However, copies of legal actions, such as the formal accusation or decision, may be obtained without charge. The charge for Certification of a copied document is $25.00. Licensees may request copies of documents from their own files without charge unless they want the copies certified.

Subpoenas for any of the Board's documents or records must be personally served on the Custodian of Records at the Board of Behavioral Sciences, located at 1625 North Market Blvd., 2nd Floor, Suite S-200, Sacramento, CA 95834. If you want to request copies of documents or inquire about the availability of copies of specific types of documents, send a written inquiry to the Board at the same address.

For further assistance in obtaining copies of documents, contact the Board office at (916) 574-7830.